How we do it

How we do it

We’re turning frustration into opportunity

Every year, projects that can make a difference struggle to find the funds they need to develop, are forced to take money at higher rates, or make compromises that undermine the good they want to do. When a concept developed in the UK has to take investment abroad to fund growth, some or all of ownership of the business goes with them.

DUGUUD intends to turn that frustration into opportunity. By providing, not just a focussed funding solution in the UK, but the expertise needed to turn good projects into reality.
Investment value can go up or down and you could get back less than you invest. If you’re in any doubt about the suitability of an investment you should seek independent financial advice. Read our risk warnings here

Expert, transparent
and accountable
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DUGUUD is a trading name of Amberside Capital Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our team are experienced not only in the finance of impact investment, but have a track record of making projects happen. They are supported by industry experts and the use of specialist advisors in the areas we intend to invest in – from agronomy to renewable energy.

As a team we are truly committed, not only to what impact investing can do to transform businesses and the UK, but have real world, award winning experience of making impact projects happen. Our team has helped Wildanet raise £50m to bring broadband to rural Cornwall, helped explore how recycled plastic can be turned into cleaner energy, and funded, through raising investment from private individuals, the development of new technology in protected horticulture, the first semi-closed glasshouse in the UK.

Turning ‘impact investing’ from jargon into an idea that’s good for everyone

47% of UK public* would consider impact investing, even with returns of 4% a year or less.

Many financial institutions are conceiving and packaging their funds to appeal to largely high-net-worth investors. The clarity of what a fair exchange can mean is yet to really happen, we intend to change that.
At DUGUUD we’re opening the door so more people can consider investing in companies that do good, by making it easier to understand, easier to invest in and easier to see. That way more people can choose to put their money to good work, expect clearly communicated fair returns, and know they are also supporting environmental and social business projects in the UK that make a tangible difference.
*Research conducted by Kantar June 2021. Read more here.
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We want to make more
good projects happen

DUGUUD may be a new name, but the people behind it aren’t. We have years of experience and a track record for taking action and making projects happen. So, we have good companies coming to us for investment on a regular basis. If you are such a company, with a good project looking for funding, you can get in touch by clicking here. The more successful we are, the more likely we are to be copied by others. We don’t mind if good projects are funded by others, we mind that they happen.

Accountability for doing good without compromise

DUGUUD is aiming to raise new funds which will invest in companies that share our mission and commit to our four key criteria:

1. Trust

Allow DUGUUD to document publicly the impact an investment made is having on both society and the environment as well as being open about any problems encountered

2. Culture

Actively build a positive work culture where environmental and social impact values are disseminated to the whole workforce

3. Commitment

Commit to good corporate governance practices, quality reporting and transparency in how they do business

4. Goals

Support a minimum of 3 of the UN sustainable development goals, learn more here.